bronze, weight 830 kg, inscription on the sculpture: „Mitoraj EA I / II”

Ancient mythology embedded in the statue of a Centaur

When Igor Mitoraj made these one-of-a-kind Centaur sculptures, he included in his work the mirage of ancient Greek mythology. This legendary Polish artist and sculptor was famous for his classical style and traditional methodology, sculpting large works while capturing the most symbolic aspects of the human body. Currently, there are only 5 statues of the Centaur, so this limited edition is extremely rare.

Inspired by ancient Greece

The large sculpture by Mitoraj shows the Centaur, a mystical being who is half human and half horse. According to legend, these creatures were a representation of the barbaric nature that could exist in humanity. At the same time, the species has also been known to encompass a versatile array of scholars, warriors, and artisans.

Standing proudly at 489 cm, this great artist’s exclusive art redefines the classical interpretation of the Centaurs. With one hoof raised, this large carving appears leaning forward, testimony to the Centaur’s ability to symbolically live through posterity. At the same time, the raw expression embodied by this legendary statue creates an aura of familiarity and distance, leaving a sense of connection with our ancient ancestors.

At the base of the statue are the remains of defeated enemies, a direct representation of the strength, cunning and combat prowess of these mystical beasts. According to legend, the centaurs constantly quarreled with Greek heroes. This representation is skillfully embedded in Mitoraj’s work, radiating a message of triumph and anguish for onlookers.

Directly from the owner without intermediaries

Want to add thousands of years of ancient history to your collection? If so, this exclusive sculpture could be yours. Forged in 2008, fans of mythology can appreciate the historical importance of this masterpiece.

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Więcej szczegółów
  • Autor dzieła Igor Mitoraj
  • Rok utworzenia rzeźby 2008
  • Wysokość 489
  • Szerokość 110
  • Długość 235